Update – 13.05.20

Set out below are the protocol we are expecting to follow for the foreseeable future keeping you, and our staff as safe as possible.

  • Where possible, we are keeping the same crews together to try to minimise contact.
  • Please avoid going within 2 metres of any of our staff and, ideally, stay in the garden or another room whilst we are loading/unloading. (Our crew can clear one room for your use as soon as they start).
  • Avoid offering our crews tea & coffee
  • Have liquid soap available & running water for our staff – they will wash their hands upon arrival
  • If possible, clean all surfaces that our staff may touch with anti-bacterial wipes before we arrive (however, our staff will be wearing gloves)
  • Leave all internal doors propped open
  • Have your own pen to sign our paperwork.

We supply our staff with the following PPE:

  • 3 Cloth face masks (washable and rotated on a 3 day cycle)
  • Clear plastic visor
  • Disposable face masks & N95 masks
  • Reusable gloves & rubber/disposable gloves
  • Hand soap and hand sanitiser.

If you are feeling unwell with coronavirus symptoms before your move is due to take place, please let us know immediately.

Should you have any unanswered questions, please feel free to call us or email.