Read this article to find out how return loads can save you money on shipping, and why part and return loads are the best option for you.

Moving is never easy or cheap, so it makes sense to save the pennies you can when the opportunity comes around. If you want to learn how return loads can save you money on shipping, then you’re in the right place.

It is important to understand what different terms mean in logistics so that you can make a decision for yourself. Here, we will cover what you need to know about return loads, and also touch on part loads and what you can do to save money on shipments.

What is a Return Load?

What is a Return Load?

A return load is when the chosen transport is filled up before being sent back to where it departed from. This ensures that there is no empty or wasted space, and therefore no wasted fuel and time on the journey.

Dead Mileage – the term used to describe the fuel wasted on an empty journey home, is one of the biggest problems that logistics companies have, and it can add up. Because of this, offering return loads is the best way to make this money back and make the trip worth the fuel. This is typically done with part loads, as it is rare to get a full load on a return journey.

The use of return loads have a number of benefits, which include the following:

  • Reduces the number of vehicles on the road (thereby reducing CO2 emissions and congestion)
  • Saves time for those paying for the service
  • Saves the company money by reducing “dead mileage”
  • Saves the customer money as a part load option

Part Loads Explained

A part load is a shipment – whether it’s via a lorry or truck, or a ship – that does not use all the available space. Not every removal will fill the whole area of space that is available in the transport. Most, if not all, moving and shipping companies will offer what we call these part loads.

A full load, on the other hand, is more self-explanatory. This is sometimes referred to as FCL (full container load) or FTL (full truckload), but they all mean the same thing. Here, the mode of transport is filled up, and all available space is used for a single client or load.

When there is a part load, the remaining, unused space from a given removal is used for another shipment or load. So, if you are moving your office and only take up half of a lorry, the other half of the lorry may be used for another person’s removal. By doing this, you are using all the available space on the given mode of transport and also cut the cost of transporting your belongings.

Some advantages of part loads include the following:

  • Cheaper option compared to a full load
  • Accommodating and flexible for moves of all sizes
  • Environmental impact is reduced
  • Improved facilitation
  • Just as safe as full loads

Below are the disadvantages of part loads:

  • Shipments may take longer as additional stops might be necessary
  • Very small chance of your goods being mixed up with another load (the use of modern technology and proper planning means that this will rarely ever happen, but it is still worth mentioning for the sake of transparency)

Not every company will give you a good deal with working with part loads. This is because it can be seen as too much hassle to organise different loads in a single container. In these cases, it isn’t uncommon for companies to charge for a full load even if the container or lorry is half empty as a means to save time.

How Return Loads Can Save You Money on Shipping

How Return Loads Can Save You Money on Shipping

Because return loads are typically done as part loads, you can automatically save money on your shipments with the reduced costs that these loads offer. Logistics companies will be very eager to avoid “Dead Mileage”, which means that you will more often than not get deals on part and return loads.

Are Return Loads Worth it?

Overall, part and returns loads are absolutely worth it, but always make sure that you are working with a logistics company that will offer you a reasonable price for it. Since a part return load won’t take up all the space in the transport, you should not be paying for the full space.

If you have the option to choose a return load for your shipment, we would wholly encourage you to do so. Not only will you be saving yourself time and money, but you will also help the company by reducing dead mileage.

How Return Loads Work at Weston & Edwards

How Return Loads Work at Weston & Edwards

You can opt for a part or return load with Weston & Edwards when speaking with us, and we can accommodate your needs and preferences. It’s simple, but it can make a big difference, which is why we are determined to always give you the option to choose what you want to do with your shipment.

What Weston & Edwards Can Offer You

What Weston & Edwards Can Offer You

Here at Weston & Edwards, we can help you at every step of the journey if you need it, whether it’s for a house removal or an office removal. We can supply you with all the necessary materials and equipment for moving and packing, and can even help you with the packing ourselves. From getting your house ready to move to transport, storage, unpacking, and disposing of the moving supplies, we’re with you right to the end.

We know that everyone has different needs, which is why we have flexible options like part or return loads. You aren’t always going to need a full lorry or container, and we can easily make that work – even offering you a better price on LCLs.

We Can Go International

Weston & Edwards has the power to go international, and we will deal with customs clearance and have a full documentation service, meaning you can sit back and relax while we handle all the complex paperwork.

If you want to make the move out of the UK, or even to the UK, we can help. We offer international removals and worldwide shipping to get you where you want to be – wherever that is around the globe. Our removals across Europe, including France, Spain, Ireland, and beyond will make your life easy, and moving abroad will be smoother than ever.

We even offer part and return loads across Europe, with details about shipping and space right here for easy access. Part loads can be collected and delivered at any point along the routes mentioned, with shipments to locations across the UK, Spain, and France.

Let Us Make Moving Easier

Let Us Make Moving Easier

At Weston & Edwards, we want moving and logistics to be easier than ever. We understand that it can be overwhelming and daunting, which is why we like to do things with the human touch and personalise every trip. Whether you need a part load somewhere and a return load back, we want you to have the best experience possible.

Want to stay in the loop? Follow our news blogs to get all the latest updates, including everything you need to know about part loads, and recent removals we’ve been working on, like our Essex house removal.

Now that you know how return loads can save you money on shipping, it makes sense to utilise it. Between saving money and time, and reducing your carbon footprint, there is no disadvantage of return loads, so it just makes sense.

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