Effortless European Relocations: Experience a Smooth Customs Clearance Process with Weston & Edwards

Experience a smooth customs clearance process for your household goods moving between Europe and the UK with our expert guidance. Enjoy VAT-free relocations to or from Europe and leave the stress of moving behind.


Relocating to Europe may appear challenging, but with the right help, it’s more straightforward than it seems.

In the post-Brexit era, customs procedures are now mandatory when moving household items between Europe and the UK. Engaging a removal company experienced in these processes is essential for a smooth, worry-free move. We can guide you through tax considerations, whether you’re changing your primary residence, relocating inherited items, or setting up a secondary home.

Weston & Edwards fuses expertise, know-how, and the personalised touch of a family-owned business to offer you complete peace of mind during your relocation.

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Your possessions hold immense value to you, which is why you need a reliable removal company that ensures their safe and efficient transportation over long distances. The Weston & Edwards Group offers unparalleled knowledge and expertise, combined with the attentive care, consideration, and dependability of a well-established family business. This perfect blend guarantees your complete peace of mind during the moving process.

For most relocations to mainland Europe, we utilise road transportation for full loads and the majority of part-loads. We always employ our own trucks and fully trained removal staff, ensuring the highest quality service. Some destinations like islands and remote areas are best served by a shipping container service.

While we excel in European removals, our specialisation particularly lies in relocations to France and Spain, making us the ideal partner for your international move.

  • Removals by Road / Ferry
    This is still the most economical and efficient method for removals to France, Spain, Ireland & most European countries. The countries best served by road are: Austria, Belgium, Channel Isles*, Czech Rep, Denmark, France, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Ireland, Isle of Man, Luxembourg, N Ireland, Northern Italy (Rome and above), Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain & Switzerland*. *Our staff can clear customs on entry to Switzerland and the Channel Islands. Moves to Scandinavia & the East Mediterranean are more economical and efficient by container shipment.
  • Container Service
    Our door to door container service is efficient, safe and economical and ideal for destinations that are harder to reach by conventional road removal trucks – the islands of Cyprus, Malta and countries that take a long time to travel to via road and ferries, like Norway, Sweden, Finland, Greece Bulgaria and Turkey. See Worldwide Shipping.
  • Small Loads in a van
    For urgent smaller loads we can supply a dedicated small van and removal staff. Handy if you’re unable to wait for a part load.
  • Part Load / Single Load:
    Favourable rates can be given for small loads or individual items as part loads, by shipping container or removal lorry. You only pay for the space you need.
  • Full Documentation Service
    In some cases, like when moving to or from Switzerland or the Channel Islands more complex documentation is required when moving overseas and this can be quite a daunting prospect. Weston and Edwards can handle all the paperwork and customs clearance for any country.
  • Packing
    We can collect your goods from your present home, packing all ‘smalls’ if required. Please refer to our Packing page for details of packing boxes and materials and the services offered.
  • Storage
    If you are unable to move directly into your new home abroad storage is available in our clean, modern container storage facility. See our storage page.
  • Insurance
    Full INSURANCE COVER, to protect your goods whilst in transit in our trucks and storage facilities, is included in the quote. Marine insurance is available at reasonable cost when shipping your goods by sea container.

Discover essential tips and guidelines for successful customs clearance when moving from Europe to the UK. Download our informative leaflet now and ensure a hassle-free transition!


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