Ireland Relocations by Weston & Edwards: Tailor-Made Services

Moving to or from Ireland can be a daunting task, but with the help of a dependable removal company like Weston & Edwards, the entire process becomes seamless and stress-free.

Weston & Edwards offers various customised services to cater to your specific relocation needs, ensuring a smooth transition to or from Ireland. Our comprehensive offerings include full house removals, small moves, part loads, individual items, packing assistance, and storage solutions.

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Opting for Weston & Edwards full house removal service guarantees a dedicated truck solely for your possessions, giving you the flexibility to choose your desired moving dates. Our fleet comprises small, medium, and large trucks to accommodate different move sizes. By booking at least 5 weeks in advance, you may qualify for a substantial discount.


For those with a limited number of items to transport, our small moves service is the perfect solution. You only pay for the space you require, and we provide competitive rates for small loads or single items. Our trucks travel to Ireland 2-6 times per month with shared loads, offering cost-effective alternatives for various situations.

Sharing space with other loads for smaller moves results in considerable savings. With numerous individuals relocating to and from Ireland, there are ample opportunities for part loads at attractive prices. Our trucks make approximately 40-50 trips to Ireland annually.

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Take advantage of our speedy part load services, perfect for those in need of urgent, smaller-scale moves. With our committed small vans and expert removal crew, we guarantee a timely solution when a traditional part load isn’t suitable. Plus, enjoy the bonus of no VAT on trips from France, Spain, Holland, Belgium, and Ireland to the UK, making our part load services even more cost-effective.

Trust our efficient and dependable solutions for a smooth moving process tailored to your unique requirements and timeline.


Choose our professional packing services for a worry-free move. We’ll collect your belongings from your current home and meticulously pack all small items as required.

For more information on the packing boxes, materials, and the array of services we provide, please refer to our Packing page. Trust our expertise for a smooth and efficient relocation process.


Ease the stress of relocating with our reliable storage services. If you can’t move straight into your new home abroad, our pristine, contemporary, and secure container storage facility provides a safe space for your possessions.

Choose our dependable storage solutions for a hassle-free moving journey.


Looking for a hassle-free move to or from Ireland? Choose Weston & Edwards. Our tailor-made services ensure a seamless transition, providing full house removals, small moves, part loads, individual items, packing assistance and storage solutions.

Enjoy the flexibility of deciding your moving dates with dedicated trucks for your possessions. Our competitive rates and special discounts make us the ideal choice for your relocation needs. Contact us today!