Spain Relocations with Weston & Edwards: Expertise and Convenience

Moving to Spain may seem challenging, especially with the introduction of customs formalities for household goods. However, consulting a removal company with experience in navigating these procedures can ensure a smooth and hassle-free move.

Whether you’re transferring your main residence, moving inherited items, or relocating to a second home, Weston & Edwards offers the knowledge and expertise needed for a seamless transition. As a well-established family firm, we provide care, consideration, and reliability, giving you complete peace of mind throughout your relocation.

With many people currently moving to Spain, there are numerous opportunities for part loads at competitive rates. Our trucks travel to Spain 10–12 times a year.


For full house removals, Weston & Edwards, provides a dedicated truck exclusively for your belongings, allowing you to select your preferred moving dates. We offer small, medium, and large trucks to accommodate various move sizes, ensuring that all your possessions are transported safely and efficiently.

Our experienced team of professionals will carefully plan and execute your full house removal, taking into account every detail, from the initial consultation and inventory assessment to packing, loading, and transportation. We understand that each move is unique, and we customise our services to meet your specific requirements.

To make your move as stress-free as possible, we also provide comprehensive insurance coverage for your possessions during transit. Our team is trained in handling delicate and valuable items, such as antiques, fine art, and fragile objects, ensuring their safe arrival at your new home.


If you have fewer items to transport, our smaller moves service is perfect for you. You only pay for the space you need, and we offer attractive rates for small loads or individual items.

We run shared-load trucks to Spain every 4–6 weeks, ensuring cost-effective moving options. By sharing space with other loads, you can achieve significant savings. Our trucks travel to Spain approximately 6–8 times a year, offering plenty of opportunities for part loads at competitive rates.


Experience seamless and affordable part load services with our dedicated small vans and professional removal team. Ideal for urgent, smaller-scale moves, our service ensures a guaranteed schedule when waiting for a traditional part load isn’t an option.

Enjoy the added benefit of no VAT on trips from France, Spain, Holland, Belgium, and Ireland to the UK, further enhancing the cost-effectiveness of our part load solutions. Trust our reliable and efficient service for a smooth moving experience tailored to your unique needs and timeline.


Our packing services ensure a seamless transition from your current home to your new one. If required, we can collect your goods and pack all small items with care and precision. Visit our Packing page to learn more about the various packing boxes, materials, and the range of services we offer, ensuring a hassle-free moving experience tailored to your needs.

Storage (600x506)

Opt for our secure storage facility when moving directly into your new home abroad isn’t feasible. Our clean, modern, and safe container storage ensures your belongings are well-protected during the transition.

Rely on our exceptional storage services for a seamless and worry-free relocation experience.

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Relocating to Spain? Trust the expertise and convenience of Weston & Edwards. Our experience in navigating customs formalities for household goods ensures your move is smooth and hassle-free.

We provide tailored solutions that match your needs, from full house removals to part loads. Our professional team handles every detail carefully, from packing to transportation, ensuring your possessions arrive safely. Plus, our secure storage facilities offer peace of mind during your transition.

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