Moving in the Summer
It’s the busy time of year! Schools are out and everyone who wants to move house, is moving. There aren’t enough hours in the day or removals lorries in Somerset to accommodate everyone’s move. It’s the time of year our office staff dread…. Having to turn people away because we’re fully booked!

No matter what time of year you’re moving, get in touch as soon as you possibly can. However, with exchange of contracts so close to the completion date it is very difficult to commit to a date. We find out customers often don’t know whether they are coming or going with solicitors and dates.

Moving with storage
Luckily, because we offer moves at a weekend, we can offer storage services if your confirmed moving date is fully booked by the time you want to reserve it. Mr and Mrs Williams had a completion date of Wednesday 8th August (a date we were booked up a few weeks in advance) so we moved their goods into storage on the Saturday before and out of storage to their new property on Thursday 9th August. This gave them an afternoon to get ready for the arrival of furniture at their new house and had it all unloaded by 12pm on the Thursday.

Customer Review:
“Wow what a service Weston & Edwards offer?! We panicked when they said they were fully booked (we really didn’t want to have to use anyone else!) but they reassured us with another option using their storage service. They loaded our goods into big wooden crates and brought them back the same way and unloaded the day after our completion day. It cost a little bit more but it was more time for them so understandable and much easier for us. I’d probably choose this option next time. Last time I moved with them, it wasn’t stressful but it all happened quickly within a day. This way with storage just relaxed us and made the moving process even easier and chilled. Highly recommend this company office staff, removal crew and nice clean lorries”