Thinking of moving house? Read our ultimate guide on home removals UK, to learn what you need to know about the process and removal companies.

Planning to move and you need a house removal? Weston & Edwards would love to help. If you’ve found your dream home and want to get there as soon as possible, you are going to want to start the process of figuring out all the little details that are involved in moving.

From packing up your house to transport and unpacking, there is a lot that you need to understand – which is why our ultimate guide on home removals UK is where you need to be.

We will walk you through everything you need to know about home removals, and also let you know what you should look out for in home removal companies. That way, no matter where you’re going, you will know what to expect.

What Kind of Services do Home Removal Companies Provide?

What Kind of Services do Home Removal Companies Provide?

It’s important to know what you should expect from a home removal company when you’re planning a move. There are some things that most, if not all, removal companies should do to provide a good service.

From getting a free quote and offering packing services to loading, transport, and helping to unpack, these are all expected in a full-service moving company. However, every company will be different, so always check before you make your final decision.

At Weston & Edwards, we offer full service moves, and like to go above and beyond expectations. Whether you need a home removal or an office removal, we can help you every step of the way.


We understand just how stressful packing up a house can be. Not only that, but it’s time-consuming and strenuous, especially when you have a lot of fragile items. Because of this, we offer a full packing service starting the day before the move, so you don’t have to feel like you are camping in your own house.

You can also opt to pack select items, or pack everything yourself – and we will supply you with the bags and packing tape to do it. Just let us know what works for you, and we can get it done.


If you are moving, but your house isn’t ready for all of your belongings yet, we also offer storage solutions. That way, you can rest easy knowing that your furniture and items are safe until you are ready to have them delivered.


We offer part or return loads to suit everyone’s needs, because we know that sometimes there simply isn’t a full lorry.


Like any good home removal service, we can also help you unpack your items and get furniture to the right rooms. While we will leave you to unpack your personal boxes and get your house in order, we will pick up all the moving boxes and materials when you are done, so you don’t even need to worry about cleaning up.

Ultimate Guide on Home Removals UK

Ultimate Guide on Home Removals UK

Once you have decided that you are moving, you need to come up with a plan. However, if you opt to work with a removal service, they can do all of that for you.

The things you are going to need to know include:

  • All the dates – when is the move taking place? When do you need to have packing done by?
  • Transportation – how are you getting your belongings and yourself to the new location?
  • Utilities – what do you need to do before you leave, and before you arrive at your new home?
  • Paperwork – get documents signed and check to see if there is any outstanding paperwork.
  • Insurance – get insurance on your belongings so you can be that bit less stressed on the day.
  • Follow the end of tenancy checklist – make sure you give notice, clean, and carry out minor repairs before you leave your house for the last time

When it comes to organising your belongings for a move, you should:

  • Declutter and donate where you can – we all have useless items lying around that we neither need nor actually want, so get rid of them!
  • Pack belongings by room where possible – this will help movers get everything where it needs to be on moving day
  • If you are paranoid, make a list of your most important items to ensure that you can keep track of them. This may be especially important if you are not using a moving company like Weston & Edwards

On moving day, you should:

  • Have a checklist ready – this should outline everything you need to do before leaving the property for good, like disconnecting utilities, securing windows and doors, and all that good stuff
  • Have a plan for unexpected issues during the move – whether it’s traffic or any last-minute changes, just take a deep breath and remember to communicate with the people you are working alongside

Moving is a very exciting time, and although problems can occur, it’s crucial to keep a positive mindset and think of all the new adventures to come.

Are Home Removal Services Worth it?

Although this is for everyone to make their own decision on, we believe that hiring a home removal company is absolutely worth it – and we’ll tell you why.

Moving on your own is stressful and incredibly demanding. Not only do you have to juggle getting all your packing done and figure out the logistics of hiring a van and transporting your furniture and boxes, but you are also going to have other commitments.

Whether you have a demanding job that gets in your way, or children, or pets, these can all slow down the process. If you do everything yourself, you also put yourself at risk of injury – because it’s so easy to hurt your back when lifting heavy objects.

That’s not all, though. By hiring a home removal service, you can also get insurance on your items, and have professionals back tech and fragile items in a way that you know will keep them safe. At the end of the day, there are few things more important than peace of mind.

Why Weston & Edwards is Perfect for You

Why Weston & Edwards is Perfect for You

We offer everything you could possibly need to make your move go smoothly and take the stress off. Our packing services can save you time and strain, and our transport will ensure that your belongings get to your new home safely and in one piece.

With years of expertise, we know what we’re doing, and we know how to handle a move, no matter how big or small. We only offer the best, because the best is what everyone deserves.

We Can Also go International

Weston & Edwards also has the capabilities to do international removals. With our worldwide shipping and storage solutions, we can get you to where you need to be. We cover all of Europe, with some of the most popular removal locations including France, Spain, and Ireland.

In the wake of Brexit, we also offer information on moving overseas, with guides on moving with pets and getting furniture to France, Spain, Bulgaria, and other European countries. For those moving to the UK, we also help facilitate the move and make sure everything runs smoothly.

Contact Weston & Edwards to Get Moving

Contact Weston & Edwards to Get Moving

If you are looking for a home removal company that can get you to where you need to be safely and swiftly, Weston & Edwards can do it. We want you to have the best experience possible, and we know that a personal touch and helping hand goes a long way.

Hopefully our ultimate guide on home removals UK has been useful, and you now feel a bit more prepared about moving day.

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